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How to Stop uTorrent from Opening on Startup windows 10?

Do you want to stop uTorrent from Opening on Startup windows 10? but you do not know how to do it. Then read the guide about How to Stop uTorrent from Opening on Startup windows 10 on Howtotechy.

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Stop uTorrent from Opening startup windows 10

Stop uTorrent from Opening on Startup windows 10

uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent, Inc. with over a 200Million users. For the last few years, people are using more torrents and their users are increasing day by day.
uTorrent is well known and liked torrents all across the world. Though it indeed occupies a few resources than the other progress, most people do not like it to start up when opening PC Systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linus.
uTorrent is not an app that was used by users on daily basis but when it is used it opens startup on windows. If you are using the new torrent 2.0 you surely notice that this new version automatically opens the startup in windows 10.  so today I will solve your problem and I am going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to stop uTorrent from opening Startup windows 10.

How to stop uTorrent from opening startup windows 10?

There are many ways to stop the startup in windows 10 but I can only tell use some best ways to stop uTorentfrom opening a startup in windows 10.

Method 1: Adjust and utilize the preferences

  • Open uTorrent
  • Click on Options and you will see Preferences
  • Open [preferences and Select the General Option
  • Make sure that start uTorrent when win starts in unchecked.
  • If that is not then unticked this option and deselect start minimized
  • Apply all the changes and save then

Method 2: Change your windows settings

  • Click the window logo  that was in the bottom-left corner
  • Search for settings
  • open the settings
  • go for applications
  • click on startup
  • Select torrent from the list
  • Click off or on

Method 3: Remove uTorrent From the Startup directory

  • Open my computer
  • Go for Local Disk C
  • Enable show hidden files
  • Click the folder name as ProgramData
  • select Microsoft and then windows
  • Click on Start Menu
  • Select Programs and then click startup
  • select the utorrent folder
  • delete the data in the folder

Method 4: Disable some options

Try disabling these options:
  • Select Options
  • Click on preferences
  • Disable the close to tray option
  • Untick the start minimize option
These are some best and easy methods to stop utorrent from opening on Startup in Windows 10. Read them and select which one you want to do and do it and after following any method your problem of the torrent will be solved.
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Final Words

These are some easy methods to stop uTorrent from opening on startup in windows 10. to stop opening startup is can e done in just a few single steps. Make sure to follow these steps carefully and follow them step-by-step.
I give you a guide on how to stop uTorrent from Opening on Startup Windows 10 so make sure to follow all steps. You can choose any method you want to stop opening a startup but in some cases, if that does not work you can use any other method given in the article.
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