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The Ultimate Guide 2022: How To Invert Colors On Chromebook

How To Invert Colors On Chromebook: Color inversion is a useful function that comes standard on many current computers, but how do you turn it on on your Chromebook? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; we’ll walk you through the process step by step. Read this article on GamingChase.com to get through it.

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Bright colours can strain the eyes, especially after a long day at the office. While the Chromebook doesn’t include a dark mode to help you sleep better at night and avoid weariness, you can still use it to invert colours.

High-contrast mode is one of numerous Chromebook accessibility features that allows users to invert colours. This article shows how to use the keyboard shortcut and system settings to invert colours on a Chromebook.

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How To Invert Colors On Chromebook: When you open the lid, you’ll notice that the 11.6-inch screen is surrounded by traditional bezels. Although the display is low-resolution (1366x768p), it does support touch, which is a useful feature on a notebook. Expect colours to fade into the background, but the screen isn’t bad. For weeks, I used the Chromebook 11a as my primary computer, and it’s bright and has good viewing angles.

A 720p webcam is mounted above the screen. When I did a video interview on Zoom, the video quality was adequate. Though the webcam’s clarity diminishes in low light, the person on the other end could clearly see me. The microphone, which is placed close to the camera, is also quite good. I believe the webcam is sufficient for attending online classes.

How To Invert Colors On Chromebook

Step 1: Navigate to Account Settings.

The status box is located at the bottom right of your screen and contains some basic information such as the time and a network connection indicator. It will also display your Google account image. A new window will open when you click on that image. This gives you access to the necessary options.

Step 2: Select Advanced Options.

Find and click the gear icon, which is the “Settings Tab” in the new window. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the connected text “Show Advanced Settings” in this menu.

Step 3: Select the High Contrast Mode option.

Scroll down to ‘Accessibility’ in the advanced settings menu and check the box labelled ‘Use high contrast mode.’ This should cause the chromebook to invert the screen colours right away. Otherwise, you might be asked to go to the following stage.

Shortcut to the Process:

If you’ve forgotten, here’s the quick version:

Go to Google Account Photo > Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Accessibility > High Contrast Mode from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Close The Settings Window

Close the window by selecting the ‘X’ at the top of the screen when you’re satisfied with the contrast and colour settings. Your Chromebook will now reverse the screen colours if it hasn’t already done so.

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If you haven’t heard of a Chromebook, a low-cost alternative to Windows laptops or MacBooks, I wouldn’t be shocked. Chromebooks, which run Google’s Chrome operating system, have long been absent from India’s mainstream laptop market. Various OEMs have attempted to bring Chromebooks to India in the past, but they have never really attracted users’ attention.

It’s fine that the Chromebook 11a doesn’t look like a pricey notebook with an aluminium chassis and luxury design. Instead, the focus is on how to make a notebook that is lightweight and tiny enough to fit easily in a backpack while taking up little work space. This gadget is really light, weighing only 1kg and being very easy to transport.

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Final Words on How To Invert Colors On Chromebook

That concludes everything! After clicking the toggle, you’ll be converted to High Contrast Mode. From there, navigating formerly difficult-to-read interfaces will be a breeze. We hope you find this advice helpful in your endeavour. Chrome Ready wishes you the best of luck!

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