Ultimate Guide – How To Get Verified On Snapchat?

Do you want to verify on Snapchat but do not know how to get verified then Read the Guide on Howtotechy about How to Get Verified On Snapchat in 2021?

Verified On Snapchat

How To Get Verified On Snapchat?

Twitter is an American social media networking service in which users can post messages known as tweets and can interact with users. Users on Twitter can post tweets and interact and can like, comment, and retweet other people’s tweets, these are all registered users who have their account on Twitter but if you are unregistered you can only read the tweets.

You also have a Twitter account and you are using it regularly. Now you have a decent following who likes your tweets. Twitter also has good features to verify its users. You have a good audience who read your posts and know you want to know How to get verified on Twitter.

Most of the people want to know the system of how to get verified on Twitter but they did not find a single one. Players want to get verified like other gamers. So today I am going to tell you a step-by-step guide on How to Get Verified on Twitter?

How to Get Verified on Snapchat?

There are some requirements and processes you need to know before you verified your account. Below are the steps and requirements you need to know.

Verification Eligibility Criteria

Snapchat is quite airy when it comes to what you need to get your account verified. We all know a verified account is usually for some kind of celebrity which means they are famous on the internet and have a strong following on social media.

Not everyone gets verified easily if it that easy then everyone have a verified badge on their profile but it’s not easy to get. There are some criteria you should have to get verified on Snapchat. You must have at least 50,000 or more views on your story. This means 50,000 users on Snapchat should watch your story to completion. But there are no more details about the criteria like you need 50.000 views on each story and for much how much time. these things are still unknown.

How to Apply for Snapchat Verification

  1. Open “Snapchat” on your phone.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This will open the “Settings” page.
  4. Next, hit “Settings” in the upper right part of the screen. It looks like a gear icon.
  5. Scroll down to “Support” and you’ll see “I Need Help.”
  6. Tap on “Contact Us.”
  7. Now, under various options, choose “My Snapchat isn’t working.”
  8. Then, you’ll need to select “Other.”
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Yes.”
  10. You’ll see a question asking you to describe your issue. Click on “My issue is not listed.”

After submitting and doing all these things does not guarantee you to get a blue tick on your account if you think you deserve a blue tick then you can just submit the election. After submitting the application wait for Snapchat to respond.

Final Words

These are the steps and requirements you need to get verified on Snapchat. After doing things, there is no guarantee you will get a verified tick. Make sure to do these things before applying.

Do you want to verify on Snapchat but do not know how to get verified then Read the Guide on howtotechy about How to Get Verified on Snapchat in 2021?

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