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How to Change Server in Free Fire – Full Tutorial 2022

If you want to change free fire sever but do not know how to do it then read this guide about how to change server in free fire full guide.

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Change in Free Fire

How to Change Server in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battleground games that are available on the google play store for free. Free fire is a battle royal game that is developed by 111dots Studio the game was published by Garena and is available for both, Android and IOS. The game also received the reward for the ” Best Popular Vote Gam” in 2019 and free fire set a record with over 80 million daily active users globally as of may 2020 and also grossed over $1Billion worldwide.

Free fire is an ultimate survival shooting game where players land on an island with the help of a parachute and compete against the other 49 players and try to survive until the end and if he survives he will be the winner. The player can use various types of weapons and vehicles.

There are specific workarounds that you can use to play with your friends from free fire server change of other countries. Although this game is one of the most popular games and a battle royal game it does not have an option to change server.

Free fire does not support cross-server play but it does not mean you can not play your friends who have different servers. Free fire does not show any options to change the server so most of the players assume that they can not change the server. There are several other ways to change the server and we will tell you some of the best ways how to change the server on free fire without VPN, some of the ways will take the help of VPN.

How to change Server in Free Fire?

There are some best ways how to change the free fire server but most of the people do not know so they assume that there are not any ways to change the server in the Free-Fire but I will tell you some of the best ways to change the server n free fire.

1. Guess Account

This method is one of the fine methods that help you to play free fire with your friend from a different server. This method involves a guess account that takes the help of a VPN. If you already have a Guest account, you will have to delete it first or You can either link that account to Facebook, Google, or by deleting the data files of the game from the app settings.

Now, close the Garena Free Fire and Select the preferred free fire server change via the VPN you want to play. Now after choosing the server open the game. The next step is to create a new gues account while enabling the VPN. The region will be displayed in the bottom left corner, if it shows the server you have chosen in VPN then it points that you have successfully created a new account in that specific server.

Now for future safety, you can link that account to your social media account so you will not lose it, if you lose this account by mistake then just repeat the process.

2. Create an Additional Login Account

This method is a little bit easier than the previous one and you do not have to delete anything. But you still need to use a VPN, but in this method, you are not creating a guest account, this time you have to create a google or Facebook using VPN. Make a google or Facebook account with the help of a VPN in your desired region. After making an account, link the login credentials of this new account with your current guest account on Garena Free Fire.

3. Get Assistance from Your Overseas friends

If you have a friend from overseas or you know a person then he can help you. That will ease up your work if you have a friend from overseas. All you have to do is to ask your friend to create a new guest account in their own server or you can also ask him to create a new Google/Facebook account and share the account details with you.

Once they make an account and share the credentials with you then you just have to log out of your current Free Fire Account and log in with your new account. This is one of the best ways to change the server in the Free Fire without a VPN.

If you don’t wanna ask your friends to create a new account then you can also ask them if they have any spare accounts that they don’t use anymore. This is one of the best ways to change the server in the free fire.

Important Things to remember before changing Server in Free Fire

  • These are some important points you should remember before changing the server in Free Fire.
  • You can not change the server in your existing account, if your account was already created using an Indian server then it will always be on the Indian server.
  • Players might not get a good ping while playing on a different server and Using a VPN won’t solve this issue either.
  • You can only create a new account in servers they are interested to try out.
  • VPN is only required once and that’s only when you are creating an account in the desired server and after that, you don’t have any use of a VPN.

How to Change Server in Free Fire? (FAQs)

These are some questions people have after changing the server so i will answer them all.

1. Will you get banned if you use VPN?

Using a third-party VPN app won’t get your present main account banned and VPN won’t change your game files so your account will be fine and you just have to use it once. But if you are using VPN again and again regularly in your main account then you may get in trouble and lose your main account.

2. What will happen to my main account?

Your main account will be safe even if you try to change the server in free fire one or two times. You can always log back into your account.

3. How do I log in to my main account after changing the server?

Log out of your current account and then create a guest account to reset your server to default. Now you can log in to your main account through Google or Facebook.

4. Can I do an in-game purchase after changing the server in Free Fire?

Yes, even after changing the Free Fire server, you can still be able to purchase in-game items in your account from a different server.


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